GRO.publications - the publication management system of Göttingen University

128573 Publications data; 5256 Göttingen Researcher


GRO.publications supports you with various functions for recording and presenting your publications. Lists for persons, organizations and projects can be created and integrated into external websites. The system offers semi-automated data imports, full ORCID integration and common export formats. GRO.publications is also the repository for full texts of the Göttingen University.
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We provide an overview of GRO.publications and introduce the most important functions during our regular training sessions.
Feel free to ask us for help with the initial creation of your publication list.
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Central Lecture Series

GRO.publications can be used to create events and link them to lectures, etc. Full texts and recordings can be uploaded or linked. An example of this are the central lecture series organized by the Göttingen University. You can find them here.