Agroforestry Systems


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  • 2023 Journal Article
    ​ ​Fine root extension in urban forest soil depends on organic mulching​
    Sun, X.; Zhao, J.; Wang, G.; Guan, Q. & Kuzyakov, Y.​ (2023) 
    Agroforestry Systems97(2) pp. 235​-247​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2022 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Support trees in vanilla agroforests of Madagascar: diversity, composition and origin​
    Osewold, J.; Korol, Y.; Osen, K.; Soazafy, M. R.; Rabemanantsoa, T.; Martin, D. A. & Wurz, A. et al.​ (2022) 
    Agroforestry Systems,.​ DOI: 
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  • 2022 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Collaborative agroforestry to mitigate wildfires in Extremadura, Spain: land manager motivations and perceptions of outcomes, benefits, and policy needs​
    Wolpert, F.; Quintas-Soriano, C.; Pulido, F.; Huntsinger, L. & Plieninger, T. ​ (2022) 
    Agroforestry Systems,.​ DOI: 
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  • 2021 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​On the structural complexity of central European agroforestry systems: a quantitative assessment using terrestrial laser scanning in single-scan mode​
    Seidel, D.; Stiers, M.; Ehbrecht, M.; Werning, M. & Annighöfer, P.​ (2021) 
    Agroforestry Systems95(4) pp. 669​-685​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2020 Journal Article | Research Paper | 
    ​ ​Exploring farmer perceptions of agroforestry via multi-objective optimisation: a test application in Eastern Panama​
    Gosling, E.; Reith, E.; Knoke, T.; Gerique, A. & Paul, C. ​ (2020) 
    Agroforestry Systems94(5) pp. 2003​-2020​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2019 Journal Article
    ​ ​Tree species and size influence soil water partitioning in coffee agroforestry​
    Hombegowda, H. C.; Köhler, M. ; Röll, A.   & Hölscher, D. ​ (2019) 
    Agroforestry Systems94(1) pp. 137​-149​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2019 Journal Article
    ​ ​Willingness to pay for environmental effects of agroforestry systems: a PLS-model of the contingent evaluation from German taxpayers’ perspective​
    Otter, V. & Langenberg, J.​ (2019) 
    Agroforestry Systems94(3) pp. 811​-829​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2019 Journal Article | Research Paper
    ​ ​Effects of converting a temperate short-rotation coppice to a silvo-arable alley cropping agroforestry system on soil quality indicators​
    Beuschel, R.; Piepho, H.-P.; Jörgensen, R. G.   & Wachendorf, C.​ (2019) 
    Agroforestry Systems94(2) pp. 389​-400​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2018 Journal Article | Research Paper | 
    ​ ​Long-term yields of oilseed rape and winter wheat in a short rotation alley cropping agroforestry system​
    Swieter, A.; Langhof, M.; Lamerre, J. & Greef, J. M.​ (2018) 
    Agroforestry Systems93(5) pp. 1853​-1864​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2018 Journal Article
    ​ ​Agroforestry in the European common agricultural policy​
    Mosquera-Losada, M. R.; Santiago-Freijanes, J. J.; Pisanelli, A.; Rois-Díaz, M.; Smith, J.; den Herder, M. & Moreno, G. et al.​ (2018) 
    Agroforestry Systems92(4) pp. 1117​-1127​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2017 Journal Article
    ​ ​Heterogeneity and diversity of orchard grassland vegetation in Central Germany: role of tree stock, soil parameters and site management​
    Paesel, H. K.; Schmitz, A.   & Isselstein, J. ​ (2017) 
    Agroforestry Systems, pp. 1​-12​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2016 Journal Article
    ​ ​Abundance and diversity of flower visitors on wild and cultivated cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) in Bolivia​
    Chumacero de Schawe, C. ; Kessler, M.; Hensen, I. & Tscharntke, T. ​ (2016) 
    Agroforestry Systems, pp. 1​-9​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2015 Journal Article
    ​ ​Timber-based agrisilviculture improves financial viability of hardwood plantations: a case study from Panama​
    Paul, C. ; Griess, V. C.; Havardi-Burger, N. & Weber, M.​ (2015) 
    Agroforestry Systems89(2) pp. 217​-235​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2015 Journal Article
    ​ ​Intensive cattle browsing did not prevent fallow recuperation on smallholder grass-capoeira pastures in the NE-Amazon​
    Hohnwald, S.; Rischkowsky, B.; King, J. M.; Camarao, A. P.; Rodrigues Filho, J. A. & Zeppenfeld, T.​ (2015) 
    Agroforestry Systems89(5) pp. 813​-828​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2015 Journal Article
    ​ ​Does actor power impede outcomes in participatory agroforestry approach? Evidence from Sal forests area, Bangladesh​
    Islam, K. K.; Jose, S.; Tani, M.; Hyakumura, K.; Krott, M.   & Sato, N.​ (2015) 
    Agroforestry Systems89(5) pp. 885​-899​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2015 Journal Article
    ​ ​Bioenergy provision by an alley cropping system of grassland and shrub willow hybrids: biomass, fuel characteristics and net energy yields​
    Ehret, M.; Buehle, L.; Grass, R.; Lamersdorf, N. P. & Wachendorf, M.​ (2015) 
    Agroforestry Systems89(2) pp. 365​-381​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2014 Journal Article | Research Paper
    ​ ​Cacao trees under different shade tree shelter: effects on water use​
    Köhler, M. ; Hanf, A.; Barus, H.; Hölscher, D.   & Hendrayanto, A.​ (2014) 
    Agroforestry Systems88(1) pp. 63​-73​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2014 Journal Article
    ​ ​Is short rotation coppice economically interesting? An application to Germany​
    Wolbert-Haverkamp, M. & Musshoff, O.​ (2014) 
    Agroforestry Systems88(3) pp. 413​-426​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2013 Journal Article | Research Paper | 
    ​ ​Allometric relationships of frequently used shade tree species in cacao agroforestry systems in Sulawesi, Indonesia​
    Tiralla, N. ; Panferov, O.   & Knohl, A. ​ (2013) 
    Agroforestry Systems87(4) pp. 857​-870​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2013 Journal Article
    ​ ​Conversion of tropical moist forest into cacao agroforest: consequences for carbon pools and annual C sequestration: ​consequences for carbon pools and annual C sequestration​
    Leuschner, C. ; Moser, G. ; Hertel, D. ; Erasmi, S. ; Leitner, D. ; Culmsee, H. & Schuldt, B.  et al.​ (2013) 
    Agroforestry Systems87(5) pp. 1173​-1187​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2012 Journal Article
    ​ ​Responses of terrestrial herb assemblages to weeding and fertilization in cacao agroforests in Indonesia​
    Cicuzza, D.; Clough, Y.; Tjitrosoedirdjo, S. S. & Kessler, M.​ (2012) 
    Agroforestry Systems85(1) pp. 75​-83​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2010 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Response of cocoa trees (Theobroma cacao) to a 13-month desiccation period in Sulawesi, Indonesia​
    Moser, G. ; Leuschner, C. ; Hertel, D. ; Hölscher, D. ; Köhler, M. ; Leitner, D.   & Michalzik, B. et al.​ (2010) 
    Agroforestry Systems79(2) pp. 171​-187​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2009 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Spatiotemporal density patterns of the pest predator Rhynchium haemorrhoidale (F.) along a land-use gradient in cacao agroforestry systems​
    Hoehn, P. ; Steffan-Dewenter, I. ; Buchori, D.   & Tscharntke, T. ​ (2009) 
    Agroforestry Systems76 pp. 163​-171​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2009 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Diversity of the calabash tree (Crescentia cujete L.) in Colombia​
    Arango-Ulloa, J.; Bohorquez, A.; Duque, M. C. & Maass, B. L.​ (2009) 
    Agroforestry Systems76(3) pp. 543​-553​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2008 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​The contribution of non-managed social bees to coffee production: new economic insights based on farm-scale yield data​
    Veddeler, D. ; Olschewski, R. ; Tscharntke, T.   & Klein, A.-M. ​ (2008) 
    Agroforestry Systems73(2) pp. 109​-114​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2007 Journal Article
    ​ ​Abandonement of coffee agroforests increases insect abundance and diversity​
    Richter, A.; Klein, A.-M. ; Tscharntke, T.   & Tylianakis, J. M. ​ (2007) 
    Agroforestry Systems69(3) pp. 175​-182​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2006 Journal Article
    ​ ​Assessing the potential of trees for afforestation of degraded landscapes in the Aral Sea Basin of Uzbekistan​
    Khamzina, A.; Lamers, J.; Worbes, M.; Botman, E. & Vlek, P. L. G.​ (2006) 
    Agroforestry Systems66(2) pp. 129​-141​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2006 Conference Paper
    ​ ​Potential of nine multipurpose tree species to reduce saline groundwater tables in the lower Amu Darya River region of Uzbekistan​
    Khamzina, A.; Lamersdorf, N. P.; Martius, C.; Worbes, M. & Vlek, P. L. G.​ (2006)
    Agroforestry Systems68(2) pp. 151​-165. ​21st European Regional Meeting of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage​, Frankfurt, GERMANY.
    Dordrecht​: Springer. DOI: 
    Details  DOI  WoS 
  • 2005 Journal Article
    ​ ​Contrasting rooting patterns of some arid-zone fruit tree species from Botswana - II. Coarse root distribution​
    Oppelt, A. L.; Kurth, W.   & Godbold, D. L.​ (2005) 
    Agroforestry Systems64(1) pp. 13​-24​.​ DOI: 
    Details  DOI  WoS 
  • 2005 Journal Article
    ​ ​Contrasting rooting patterns of some arid-zone fruit tree species from Botswana - I. Fine root distribution​
    Oppelt, A. L.; Kurth, W. ; Jentschke, G. & Godbold, D. L.​ (2005) 
    Agroforestry Systems64(1) pp. 1​-11​.​ DOI: 
    Details  DOI  WoS 
  • 2005 Journal Article
    ​ ​Improved tree fallows in smallholder maize production in Zambia: do initial testers adopt the technology?​
    Keil, A.; Zeller, M. & Franzel, S.​ (2005) 
    Agroforestry Systems64(3) pp. 225​-236​.​ DOI: 
    Details  DOI  WoS 
  • 2004 Conference Paper
    ​ ​Mechanized land preparation in forest-based fallow systems: The experience from Eastern Amazonia​
    Denich, M.; Vielhauer, K.; Kato, M.; Block, A. J.; Kato, O. R.; Sa, T. & Lucke, W. et al.​ (2004)
    Agroforestry Systems61-2(1) pp. 91​-106. ​1st World Congress of Agroforestry​, Univ Florida, Orlando, FL.
    Dordrecht​: Kluwer Academic Publ. DOI: 
    Details  DOI  WoS 
  • 2004 Journal Article
    ​ ​Crop diversity and classification of homegardens in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia​
    Kehlenbeck, K. & Maass, B. L.​ (2004) 
    Agroforestry Systems63(1) pp. 53​-62​.​ DOI: 
    Details  DOI  WoS 
  • 2002 Journal Article
    ​ ​The forest garden system of Saparua island, Central Maluku, Indonesia, and its role in maintaining tree species diversity​
    Kaya, M.; Kammesheidt, L. & Weidelt, H. J.​ (2002) 
    Agroforestry Systems54(3) pp. 225​-234​.​ DOI: 
    Details  DOI  WoS 
  • 2001 Journal Article
    ​ ​Hopper (Homoptera: Auchenorrhyncha) diversity in shaded coffee systems of Tueeialba, Costa Rica​
    Rojas, L.; Godoy, C.; Hanson, P.; Kleinn, C. & Hilje, L.​ (2001) 
    Agroforestry Systems53(2) pp. 171​-177​.​
  • 2001 Journal Article
    ​ ​Hopper (Homoptera: Auchenorrhyncha) diversity in shaded coffee systems of Turrialba, Costa Rica​
    Rojas, L.; Godoy, C.; Hanson, P. J.; Kleinn, C.   & Hilje, L.​ (2001) 
    Agroforestry Systems53(2) pp. 171​-177​.​ DOI: 
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