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  • 2023 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Editorial introduction: Biomedicine and life sciences as a challenge to human temporality​
    Rimon-Zarfay, N. & Schweda, M. ​ (2023) 
    History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences45(1).​ DOI: 
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  • 2022 Journal Article | Research Paper | 
    ​ ​Attitudes of Patients With Chronic Heart Failure Toward Digital Device Data for Self-documentation and Research in Germany: Cross-sectional Survey Study​
    Buhr, L.; Kaufmann, P. L. M. & Jörß, K.​ (2022) 
    JMIR Cardio6(2) art. e34959​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2022 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Feministische Perspektiven in der deutschsprachigen Medizinethik: eine Bestandsaufnahme und drei Thesen​
    Faissner, M.; Hartmann, K. V.; Marcinski-Michel, I.; Müller, R. & Weßel, M.​ (2022) 
    Ethik in der Medizin,.​ DOI: 
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  • 2022 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Healthcare Professionals’ Conflicts When Treating Transgender Youth: Is It Necessary to Prioritize Protection Over Respect?​
    Hädicke, M.; Föcker, M.; Romer, G. & Wiesemann, C. ​ (2022) 
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, pp. 1​-9​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2021 Journal Article | Research Paper
    ​ ​Exclusion, Engagement, and Empathy: Revisiting Public Discourse from a Communication Perspective​
    Hansen, S. L.   & Hilbrich, I.​ (2021) 
    Social Epistemology36(1) pp. 1​-8​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2021 Journal Article | Research Paper | 
    ​ ​Experience of and factors associated with violence against sexual and gender minorities in nine African countries: a cross-sectional study​
    Müller, A.; Daskilewicz, K.; Kabwe, M. L.; Mmolai-Chalmers, A.; Morroni, C.; Muparamoto, N. & Muula, A. S et al.​ (2021) 
    BMC public health21(1) pp. 357​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2020 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Demenzprädiktion als ethische Herausforderung: Stakeholder fordern Beratungsstandards für Deutschland​
    Schicktanz, S. ; Perry, J.; Herten, B. & Stock Gissendanner, S.​ (2020) 
    Der Nervenarzt92(1) pp. 66​-68​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2020 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Stellenwert der Elektrokonvulsionstherapie (EKT) in der forensischen Psychiatrie​
    Besse, M. ; Schomburg, A.-K.; Simon, A. ; Hesse, D.; Müller, J.   & Zilles-Wegner, D.​ (2020) 
    Der Nervenarzt92(1) pp. 9​-17​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2018 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Practical and Ethical Aspects of Advance Research Directives for Research on Healthy Aging: German and Israeli Professionals’ Perspectives​
    Werner, P. & Schicktanz, S. ​ (2018) 
    Frontiers in Medicine5 art. 81​.​ DOI: 
    Details  DOI 
  • 2018 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Medicine, market and communication: ethical considerations in regard to persuasive communication in direct-to-consumer genetic testing services​
    Schaper, M. & Schicktanz, S. ​ (2018) 
    BMC Medical Ethics19(1) art. 56​.​ DOI: 
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  • 2015 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Reflection in the Cinema? Bioethical Reflection through Film as a new Opportunity for Discussion of Viewpoints and Concern​
    Wöhlke, S. ; Hansen, S. L.   & Schicktanz, S. ​ (2015) 
    Ethik in der Medizin27(1) pp. 1​-8​.​ DOI: 
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