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  • 2022 Journal Article
    ​ ​Biobased materials for food packaging​
    Wang, J.; Euring, M. ; Ostendorf, K. & Zhang, K.​ (2022) 
    Journal of Bioresources and Bioproducts7(1) pp. 1​-13​.​ DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jobab.2021.11.004 
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  • 2022 Journal Article | Research Paper | 
    ​ ​Enzymatic Oxidation of Ca-Lignosulfonate and Kraft Lignin in Different Lignin-Laccase-Mediator-Systems and MDF Production​
    Euring, M. ; Ostendorf, K.; Rühl, M. & Kües, U. ​ (2022) 
    Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology9 art. 788622​.​ DOI: https://doi.org/10.3389/fbioe.2021.788622 
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  • 2022 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Canola Meal as Raw Material for the Development of Bio-Adhesive for Medium Density Fiberboards (MDFs) and Particleboards Production​
    Tene Tayo, J. L. ; Bettelhäuser, R. J. & Euring, M. ​ (2022) 
    Polymers14(17) pp. 3554​.​ DOI: https://doi.org/10.3390/polym14173554 
    Details  DOI 
  • 2021 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​On the Feasibility of a pMDI-Reduced Production of Wood Fiber Insulation Boards by Means of Kraft Lignin and Ligneous Canola Hulls​
    Ostendorf, K.; Ahrens, C.; Beulshausen, A. ; Tene Tayo, J. L.   & Euring, M. ​ (2021) 
    Polymers13(7) pp. 1088​.​ DOI: https://doi.org/10.3390/polym13071088 
    Details  DOI 
  • 2020 Journal Article | Research Paper
    ​ ​Manufacturing Medium-density Fiberboards and Wood Fiber Insulation Boards Using a Blood Albumin Adhesive on a Pilot Scale​
    Ostendorf, K.; Reuter, P. & Euring, M. ​ (2020) 
    BioResources15(1) pp. 1531​-1546​.​ DOI: https://doi.org/10.15376/biores.15.1.1531-1546 
    Details  DOI 
  • 2016 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Phenolics as Mediators to Accelerate the Enzymatically Initialized Oxidation of Laccase-Mediator-Systems for the Production of Medium Density Fiberboards​
    Kirsch, A.; Ostendorf, K.; Kharazipour, A.   & Euring, M. ​ (2016) 
    BioResources11(3) pp. 7091​-7101​.​ DOI: https://doi.org/10.15376/biores.11.3.7091-7101 
    Details  DOI  WoS 
  • 2016 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Pre-pressing and Pre-heating via Hot-Air/Hot-Steam Process for the Production of Binderless Medium-Density Fiberboards​
    Euring, M. ; Kirsch, A. & Kharazipour, A. ​ (2016) 
    BioResources11(3) pp. 6613​-6624​.​ DOI: https://doi.org/10.15376/biores.11.3.6613-6624 
    Details  DOI  WoS 
  • 2015 Review | 
    ​ ​Hot-Air/Hot-Steam Process for the Production of Laccase-Mediator-System Bound Wood Fiber Insulation Boards​
    Euring, M. ; Kirsch, A.& Kharazipour, A. ​ (2015)
    BioResources, 10​(2) pp. 3541​-3552​.​
    BioResources. DOI: https://doi.org/10.15376/biores.10.2.3541-3552 
    Details  DOI 
  • 2014 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Utilization of Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Pruning Residues as Raw Material for MDF Manufacturing​
    Hosseinkhani, H.; Euring, M.   & Kharazipour, A. ​ (2014) 
    Journal of Materials Science Research4(1).​ DOI: https://doi.org/10.5539/jmsr.v4n1p46 
    Details  DOI 
  • 2013 Journal Article
    ​ ​Laccase-Mediator Catalyzed Modification of Wood Fibers: Studies on the Reaction Mechanism and Making of Medium-Density Fiberboard​
    Euring, M. ; Trojanowski, J.   & Kharazipour, A. ​ (2013) 
    Forest Products Journal63(1-2) pp. 54​-60​.​
    Details  WoS 
  • 2013 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Use of MUF Resin for Improving the Wheat Protein Binder in Particle Boards Made from Agricultural Residues​
    Nikvash, N.; Euring, M.   & Kharazipour, A. ​ (2013) 
    Journal of Materials Science Research2(2).​ DOI: https://doi.org/10.5539/jmsr.v2n2p126 
    Details  DOI 
  • 2010 Journal Article | 
    ​ ​Comparative properties of bagasse, canola and hemp particle boards​
    Nikvash, N.; Kraft, R. ; Kharazipour, A.   & Euring, M. ​ (2010) 
    European Journal of Wood and Wood Products68(3) pp. 323​-327​.​ DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s00107-010-0465-3 
    Details  DOI  WoS 
  • 2007 Book Chapter
    ​ ​Enzymatically Modified Wood in Panel Board Production​
    Kües, U. ; Bohn, C.; Euring, M. ; Müller, C.; Polle, A.  & Kharazipour, A. ​ (2007)
    In:​Kües, Ursula​ (Ed.), Wood Production, Wood Technology, and Biotechnological Impacts pp. 433​-467. ​Göttingen: ​Universitätsverlag Göttingen.

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