Influence of Phenol–Formaldehyde Resin Oligomer Molecular Weight on the Strength Properties of Beech Wood

2022-11-23 | journal article. A publication with affiliation to the University of Göttingen.

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​Influence of Phenol–Formaldehyde Resin Oligomer Molecular Weight on the Strength Properties of Beech Wood​
Lang, Q.; Biziks, V. & Militz, H.​ (2022) 
Forests13(12).​ DOI: 

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Lang, Qian; Biziks, Vladimirs; Militz, Holger
The objective of this study was to determine the effects of four phenol–formaldehyde (PF) resin treatments with different molecular weights at four different concentrations (5, 10, 15, and 20%) in treated beech wood. The mechanical properties of untreated and treated beech wood were evaluated. After impregnation with PF resin, all modified beech wood at all PF resin concentrations exhibited an increase in weight percent gain compared with that in untreated beech samples. PF resins with lower molecular weights more easily penetrate the wood cell wall, leading to increased bulking of the wood structure, which in turn improves the dimensional stability of the wood. The PF resin treatment with a molecular weight of 305 g/mol showed better impregnation ability than that of the other PF resins. The impact bending strength of PF-treated wood was considerably reduced because PF-cured resins formed inside the wood and are rigid and brittle. Additionally, PF resin treatments at all concentrations decreased the modulus of elasticity of the wood. Scanning electron microscopy and light microscopy revealed that the PF resins were comparatively well fixed in the wood samples. The results indicate that the large molecular weight PF resins are more uniformly distributed in the fiber lumens.
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Fakultät für Forstwissenschaften und Waldökologie ; Burckhardt-Institut ; Abteilung Holzbiologie und Holzprodukte 
Heilongjiang Province Natural Science Foundation
Heilongjiang Province Postdoctoral Science Foundation
China Postdoctoral Science Foundation



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