Webbasierte Anwendungen als Lösungsansatz für die Heterogenität im mobilen Internet

2010-10 | working paper. A publication with affiliation to the University of Göttingen.

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​Webbasierte Anwendungen als Lösungsansatz für die Heterogenität im mobilen Internet​
Christmann, S.; Hagenhoff, S.& Caus, T.​ (2010)

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Christmann, Stefan; Hagenhoff, Svenja; Caus, Thorsten
In addition to mobility, heterogeneity is one of the root causes for challenges of the mobile Internet. At all levels heterogeneity can be found: For handsets, networks and software. This diversity leads to negative consequences, both technological and economic, for stakeholders of the value chain in the mobile sector. A partial solution for this could be the choice of software architecture: Web-based applications have proven to be a good basis for cross-platform applications in stationary web. Therefore, possible software architectures for applications used on mobile devices are examined and three archetypes of load distribution are identified and assessed: Thin client, web client and fat client. Based on the review of the potentials of web-based applications to deal with the heterogeneity in the mobile Internet problem areas and possible solutions for them are identified. The result: Web-based applications on the mobile Internet are a viable basis for cross-platform applications in both: the private as well as the business sector.
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Professur für Anwendungssysteme und E-Business 
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Konvergente Märkte der Internetökonomie