Cytochrome c oxidase biogenesis – from translation to early assembly of the core subunit COX1

2023-05-31 | journal article; overview. A publication with affiliation to the University of Göttingen.

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​Cytochrome c oxidase biogenesis – from translation to early assembly of the core subunit COX1​
Dennerlein, S.; Rehling, P. & Richter-Dennerlein, R. ​ (2023) 
FEBS Letters597(12) art. 1873-3468.14671​.​ DOI: 

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Dennerlein, Sven; Rehling, Peter; Richter-Dennerlein, Ricarda 
Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell as they produce the majority of ATP with their oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) machinery. The OXPHOS system is composed of the F1Fo ATP synthase and four mitochondrial respiratory chain complexes, the terminal enzyme of which is the cytochrome c oxidase (complex IV) that transfers electrons to oxygen, generating water. Complex IV comprises of 14 structural subunits of dual genetic origin: while the three core subunits are mitochondrial encoded, the remaining constituents are encoded by the nuclear genome. Hence, the assembly of complex IV requires the coordination of two spatially separated gene expression machinery. Recent efforts elucidated an increasing number of proteins involved in mitochondrial gene expression, which are linked to complex IV assembly. Additionally, several COX1 biogenesis factors have been intensively biochemically investigated and an increasing number of structural snapshots shed light on the organization of macromolecular complexes such as the mitoribosome or the cytochrome c oxidase. Here, we focus on COX1 translation regulation and highlight the advanced understanding of early steps during COX1 assembly and its link to mitochondrial translation regulation.
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FEBS Letters 
EXC 2067: Multiscale Bioimaging 
SFB 1190: Transportmaschinen und Kontaktstellen zellulärer Kompartimente 
SFB 1190 | P13: Protein Transport über den mitochondrialen Carrier Transportweg 
FOR 2848: Architektur und Heterogenität der inneren mitochondrialen Membran auf der Nanoskala 
FOR 2848 | P04: Analyse der räumlichen Organisation der OXPHOS Assemblierung in Säugerzellen 
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RG Rehling (Mitochondrial Protein Biogenesis) 
RG Richter-Dennerlein (Mitoribosome Assembly) 
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0014-5793; 1873-3468
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