Studying Asian and comparative regionalism through Amitav Acharya's work

2015 | journal article; research paper. A publication with affiliation to the University of Göttingen.

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​Jetschke A, Acharya A, De Lombaerde P, Katsumata H, Pempel TJ. ​Studying Asian and comparative regionalism through Amitav Acharya's work​. ​​International Relations of the Asia-Pacific. ​2015;​15​(3):​​537​-566​. ​doi:10.1093/irap/lcv005. 

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Jetschke, Anja ; Acharya, Amitav; De Lombaerde, Philippe; Katsumata, Hiro; Pempel, T. J.
The field of regionalism has been flourishing for some time. Amitav Acharya has been a persistent and powerful voice in the field, and he has contributed to and actively shaped paradigmatic debates within it. His theoretically sophisticated and contextually grounded approach to Southeast Asia's regional order and beyond has inspired countless scholars and better informed generations of students. A group of scholars, therefore, decided to discuss Acharya's contribution to the field of Asian and comparative regionalism more systematically with a view of the balance between disciplinary and area studies, ideas and institutions and non-Western international relations theorizing.
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International Relations of the Asia-Pacific 
Sozialwissenschaftliche Fakultät ; Institut für Politikwissenschaft ; Arbeitsbereich Internationale Beziehungen 
1470-4838; 1470-482X



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