Die Rolle des Hausarztes in der ambulanten Schizophreniebehandlung aus Sicht von Patienten

2008 | journal article; research paper. A publication of Göttingen

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​Die Rolle des Hausarztes in der ambulanten Schizophreniebehandlung aus Sicht von Patienten​
Rogausch, A.; Kapmeyer, A.; Tenbieg, A. & Himmel, W. ​ (2008) 
Psychiatrische Praxis35(4) pp. 194​-197​.​ DOI: https://doi.org/10.1055/s-2007-986286 

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Role of the general practitioner in outpatient care for schizophrenic patients from the patients' perspective
Rogausch, Anja; Kapmeyer, Anja; Tenbieg, Anke; Himmel, Wolfgang 
Objective To explore the view of schizophrenic patients regarding the role of general practitioners (GPs) in outpatient psychiatric care. Methods Semi-structured interviews with 20 schizophrenic patients were tape-recorded. Using the software Atlas.ti, the data were analysed according to the model of inductive category development (Mayring, 1995). Results Nearly all patients regarded the GPs as doctors "for the body" and - in contrast - the psychiatrists as doctors "for the soul". At the same time, an appointment with a GP was perceived as less embarrassing and stigmatising. Patients consulted their GP mainly because of somatic complaints or to receive follow-up prescriptions for their antipsychotic medication. They liked to get a "second opinion" regarding medical decisions by GPs. Some patients wished to have more consultation time with their GP to discuss psychological problems. Conclusions Schizophrenic patients appreciate the distinction, and the choice, between different medical specialties. Primary care offers services with an exceptionally low threshold for schizophrenic patients because consultations with a GP are to a lesser degree perceived as embarrassing or stigmatising.
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Psychiatrische Praxis 
Institut für Allgemeinmedizin 



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