Material presented at EAHIL 2018 (Cardiff, UK) in Session CEC 7 (Electronic Laboratory Notebooks)

2018 | lecture. A publication with affiliation to the University of Göttingen.

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​Material presented at EAHIL 2018 (Cardiff, UK) in Session CEC 7 (Electronic Laboratory Notebooks)​
Krause, E.; Kusch, H.  & Tate, D.​ (2018)
EAHIL 2018; 2018​, Cardiff, UK. DOI: 

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Krause, Evamaria; Kusch, Harald ; Tate, Dominic
For centuries, the research process in biomedicine is documented in paperbased laboratory notebooks. As nowadays more and more data are collected in digital form however, a growing number of researchers is considering the use of electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs). ELNs offer the chance to foster active research data management, as they facilitate collecting, documenting and sharing data with the corresponding metadata, such as experimental parameters. Therefore, many universities and other research institutions are currently developing support services for ELNs. The aim of this course is to provide participants with basic knowledge on ELNs as an emerging technology. Following a presentation of three different approaches to establish ELN services, participants will explore and discuss possibilities of supporting the use of ELNs at their institution. In addition, there will be the possibility to try different ELNs hands-on.
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SFB 1002: Modulatorische Einheiten bei Herzinsuffizienz 
SFB 1002 | INF: Unterstützung der SFB 1002 Forschungsdatenintegration, -visualisierung und -nachnutzung 
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RG Nußbeck 
EAHIL 2018
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Cardiff, UK



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