Coulomb explosion imaging of CH3I and CH2ClI photodissociation dynamics

2018-01-28 | journal article. A publication of Göttingen

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​Coulomb explosion imaging of CH3I and CH2ClI photodissociation dynamics​
Allum, F.; Burt, M.; Amini, K.; Boll, R.; Köckert, H.; Olshin, P. K. & Bari, S. et al.​ (2018) 
The Journal of Chemical Physics149(20) art. 204313​.​ DOI: 

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Allum, Felix; Burt, Michael; Amini, Kasra; Boll, Rebecca; Köckert, Hansjochen; Olshin, Pavel K.; Bari, Sadia; Bomme, Cedric; Brausse, Felix; Cunha de Miranda, Barbara K.; Düsterer, Stefan; Erk, Benjamin; Géléoc, Marie; Geneaux, Romain; Gentleman, Alexander S.; Goldsztejn, Gildas; Guillemin, Renaud; Holland, David M. P.; Ismail, Iyas; Johnsson, Per; Journel, Loïc; Küpper, Jochen; Lahl, Jan; Lee, Jason W. L.; Maclot, Sylvain; Mackenzie, Stuart R.; Manschwetus, Bastian; Mereshchenko, Andrey S.; Mason, Robert; Palaudoux, Jérôme; Piancastelli, Maria Novella; Penent, Francis; Rompotis, Dimitrios; Rouzee, Arnaud; Ruchon, Thierry; Rudenko, Artem; Savelyev, Evgeny; Simon, Marc; Schirmel, Nora; Stapelfeldt, Henrik; Techert, Simone ; Travnikova, Oksana; Trippel, Sebastian; Underwood, Jonathan G.; Vallance, Claire; Wiese, Joss; Ziaee, Farzaneh; Brouard, Mark; Marchenko, Tatiana; Rolles, Daniel
The photodissociation dynamics of CH3I and CH2ClI at 272 nm were investigated by time-resolved Coulomb explosion imaging, with an intense non-resonant 815 nm probe pulse. Fragment ion momenta over a wide m/z range were recorded simultaneously by coupling a velocity map imaging spectrometer with a pixel imaging mass spectrometry camera. For both molecules, delay-dependent pump-probe features were assigned to ultraviolet-induced carbon-iodine bond cleavage followed by Coulomb explosion. Multi-mass imaging also allowed the sequential cleavage of both carbon-halogen bonds in CH2ClI to be investigated. Furthermore, delay-dependent relative fragment momenta of a pair of ions were directly determined using recoil-frame covariance analysis. These results are complementary to conventional velocity map imaging experiments and demonstrate the application of time-resolved Coulomb explosion imaging to photoinduced real-time molecular motion.
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The Journal of Chemical Physics 
Working Group
RG Techert (Structural Dynamics in Chemical Systems) 
0021-9606; 1089-7690



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