Microwave, infrared and Raman spectra, r0 structural parameters, ab initio calculations and vibrational assignment of 1-fluoro-1-silacyclopentane

2012-01-28 | journal article; research paper

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​Microwave, infrared and Raman spectra, r0 structural parameters, ab initio calculations and vibrational assignment of 1-fluoro-1-silacyclopentane​
Durig, J. R.; Panikar, S. S.; Obenchain, D. A. ; Bills, B. J.; Lohan, P. M.; Peebles, R. A. & Peebles, S. A. et al.​ (2012) 
The Journal of Chemical Physics136(4) art. 044306​.​ DOI: https://doi.org/10.1063/1.3673889 

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Durig, James R.; Panikar, Savitha S.; Obenchain, Daniel A. ; Bills, Brandon J.; Lohan, Patrick M.; Peebles, Rebecca A.; Peebles, Sean A.; Groner, Peter; Guirgis, Gamil A.; Johnston, Michael D.
The microwave spectrum (6500-18 ,500 MHz) of 1-fluoro-1-silacyclopentane, c-C(4)H(8)SiHF has been recorded and 87 transitions for the (28)Si, (29)Si, (30)Si, and (13)C isotopomers have been assigned for a single conformer. Infrared spectra (3050-350 cm(-1)) of the gas and solid and Raman spectrum (3100-40 cm(-1)) of the liquid have also been recorded. The vibrational data indicate the presence of a single conformer with no symmetry which is consistent with the twist form. Ab initio calculations with a variety of basis sets up to MP2(full)/aug-cc-pVTZ predict the envelope-axial and envelope-equatorial conformers to be saddle points with nearly the same energies but much lower energy than the planar conformer. By utilizing the microwave rotational constants for seven isotopomers ((28)Si, (29)Si, (30)Si, and four (13)C) combined with the structural parameters predicted from the MP2(full)/6-311+G(d,p) calculations, adjusted r(0) structural parameters have been obtained for the twist conformer. The heavy atom distances in Å are: r(0)(SiC(2)) = 1.875(3); r(0)(SiC(3)) = 1.872(3); r(0)(C(2)C(4)) = 1.549(3); r(0)(C(3)C(5)) = 1.547(3); r(0)(C(4)C(5)) = 1.542(3); r(0)(SiF) = 1.598(3) and the angles in degrees are: [angle]CSiC = 96.7(5); [angle]SiC(2)C(4) = 103.6(5); [angle]SiC(3)C(5) = 102.9(5); [angle]C(2)C(4)C(5) = 108.4(5); [angle]C(3)C(5)C(4) = 108.1(5); [angle]F(6)Si(1)C(2) = 110.7(5); [angle]F(6)Si(1)C(3) = 111.6(5). The heavy atom ring parameters are compared to the corresponding r(s) parameters. Normal coordinate calculations with scaled force constants from MP2(full)/6-31G(d) calculations were carried out to predict the fundamental vibrational frequencies, infrared intensities, Raman activities, depolarization values, and infrared band contours. These experimental and theoretical results are compared to the corresponding quantities of some other five-membered rings.
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The Journal of Chemical Physics 



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