Seminar program for postgraduate specialty training in general practice: proposal for a 5-year thematic catalogue

2017 | journal article; research paper. A publication of Göttingen

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​Seminar program for postgraduate specialty training in general practice: proposal for a 5-year thematic catalogue​
Sommer, S.; Baum, E.; Magez, J.; Chenot, J.-F.; Weckmann, G.; Steinhäuser, J. & Heim, S.  et al.​ (2017) 
GMS Journal for Medical Education34(5) art. Doc60​.​ DOI: 

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Seminarprogramme in der Weiterbildung für angehende Fachärzte für Allgemeinmedizin: Themenvorschlag für ein 5-Jahres-Programm
Sommer, Susanne; Baum, Erika; Magez, Julia; Chenot, Jean-Francois; Weckmann, Gesine; Steinhäuser, Jost; Heim, Susanne ; Schneider, Dagmar; Fuchs, Stephan
Introduction: In different German regions, seminar programs have been conducted for General practice residents. In each region, selection and teaching of learning content is conducted in a different manner. So far, no structured, standardized curriculum has been implemented nationwide. We have investigated, if the development of a common 5-year program of learning topics is conceivable between the different university departments of General practice in Germany. Method: The seminar program working group of the DEGAM (German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians) has conducted an online survey based on information gathered via preliminary telephone conference (n=7; physicians with postgraduate teaching experience) among all German university departments of General Practice and two non-university teaching institutions, identified via the internet. 884 topics were extracted from 14 Seminar programs. The topics were entered in a database, discussed and categorized: Practice management/practice work flow/standardized documentation forms/quality management (n=33 topics), common acute and chronic diseases, including disease management programs (n=29 topics), communication, neurological, psychological and psychiatric consultations (n=24 topics), common medical problems, including eye, ear, nose, throat, skin and pediatric problems (n=99 Topics) family physicians general approach, including epidemiology, shared decision making, test of time (n=42 Topics). These topics have been rated for priority and desirable number of teaching-units. Results: A catalogue of 111 topics was designed, encompassing 160 teaching units. There is a suggestion of wide topics collections plus an add-on catalogue. Conclusion: A proposal for a 5-year-thematic catalogue for postgraduate training of general practice residents in Germany has been developed. This newly developed curriculum has the potential to improve knowledge and skills that have not been covered during in-house and ambulatory general practice residencies.
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GMS Journal for Medical Education 
Institut für Allgemeinmedizin 



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