Das neue Göttinger Auswahlverfahren für Medizin — welche Bewerber können profitieren?

2014 | journal article; research paper. A publication of Göttingen

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​Das neue Göttinger Auswahlverfahren für Medizin — welche Bewerber können profitieren?​
Simmenroth-Nayda, A. ; Meskauskas, E. ; Burckhardt, G. & Görlich, Y.​ (2014) 
Zeitschrift für Evidenz, Fortbildung und Qualität im Gesundheitswesen108(10) pp. 609​-617​.​ DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.zefq.2014.09.024 

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Medical school admission test at the University of Goettingen - which applicants will benefit?
Simmenroth-Nayda, Anne ; Meskauskas, Erik ; Burckhardt, Gerhard; Görlich, Yvonne
Medical schools in Germany may select 60% of the student applicants through their own admission tests. The influence of the school-leaving examination grades (EGs) in each of the procedural steps is controversial. At Goettingen Medical School, we combine a structured interview and a communicative skills assessment. We analysed how many applicants succeeded in our admission test, compared to a model which only takes EGs into account. Admission scores were transferred into SPSS-21. Sociodemographic data were submitted by the Stiftung Hochschulstart. Besides descriptive statistics, we used Pearson-correlation and means comparisons (t-test, analysis of variance). 221 applicants (EGs 1.0-1.9) were invited in the winter semester 2013/14 and 222 applicants (EGs 1.1-1.8) in the summer semester 2014. The proportion of women was 68% (winter) and 74% (summer). Sixteen and 37 applicants had a medical vocational training and performed slightly better. The analysis showed that our test was gender neutral. EGs did not correlate with interviews or skills assessment. Despite a two-fold impact of EGs, 26 (winter) and 44 (summer) of the overall 181 applicants had EGs of 1.4 -1.9, which would have been too low for admission otherwise. If EGs were only considered once, 40 (winter) and 59 (summer) applicants would have succeeded.
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Zeitschrift für Evidenz, Fortbildung und Qualität im Gesundheitswesen 
Institut für Allgemeinmedizin 



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