Literarisches Leben : Datenbank zu den deutschsprachigen Ländern 1945 - 2000

2004 | book part. A publication of Göttingen

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​Literarisches Leben : Datenbank zu den deutschsprachigen Ländern 1945 - 2000​
Baier, R.; Frömming, G.; Heise, B.& Sittig, C.​ (2004)
In:​Braungart, Georg; Eibl, Karl; Jannidis, Fotis​ (Eds.), Jahrbuch für Computerphilologie pp. 9​-22. (Vol. 5). ​Paderborn: ​mentis Verlag.

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Baier, Roland; Frömming, Gesa; Heise, Burkhard; Sittig, Claudius
Braungart, Georg; Eibl, Karl; Jannidis, Fotis
The Internet-database Literary Life reflects the growing interest in interdependencies between literary production, reception and communication in relation to other fields and discourses. It aims to encourage occupation with and research on all aspects of literary life in the German-speaking countries from 1945 up to the present time. Provided is information on a variety of subjects such as literary prizes and exhibitions, literary debates and scandals, forms and aspects of political engagement of writers or the activities of institutions of the literary field. The form of presentation refrains from giving information bound in narrative structures, thus enabling the user to organize, combine and select materials according to the requirements of the particular question asked. The article gives further insight into problems and advantages of the database's design as well as its technical realization.
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mentis Verlag
Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung