Defining the interactome of the human mitochondrial ribosome identifies SMIM4 and TMEM223 as respiratory chain assembly factors

2021 | journal article; research paper. A publication with affiliation to the University of Göttingen.

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​Dennerlein, Sven, Sabine Poerschke, Silke Oeljeklaus, Cong Wang, Ricarda Richter-Dennerlein, Johannes Sattmann, Diana Bauermeister et al. "Defining the interactome of the human mitochondrial ribosome identifies SMIM4 and TMEM223 as respiratory chain assembly factors​." ​eLife ​10 (2021): . ​

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Dennerlein, Sven ; Poerschke, Sabine; Oeljeklaus, Silke; Wang, Cong ; Richter-Dennerlein, Ricarda ; Sattmann, Johannes; Bauermeister, Diana; Hanitsch, Elisa; Stoldt, Stefan ; Langer, Thomas ; Rehling, Peter 
Human mitochondria express a genome that encodes thirteen core subunits of the oxidative phosphorylation system (OXPHOS). These proteins insert into the inner membrane co-translationally. Therefore, mitochondrial ribosomes engage with the OXA1L-insertase and membrane-associated proteins, which support membrane insertion of translation products and early assembly steps into OXPHOS complexes. To identify ribosome-associated biogenesis factors for the OXPHOS system, we purified ribosomes and associated proteins from mitochondria. We identified TMEM223 as a ribosome-associated protein involved in complex IV biogenesis. TMEM223 stimulates the translation of COX1 mRNA and is a constituent of early COX1 assembly intermediates. Moreover, we show that SMIM4 together with C12ORF73 interacts with newly synthesized cytochrome b to support initial steps of complex III biogenesis in complex with UQCC1 and UQCC2. Our analyses define the interactome of the human mitochondrial ribosome and reveal novel assembly factors for complex III and IV biogenesis that link early assembly stages to the translation machinery.
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EXC 2067: Multiscale Bioimaging 
SFB 1190: Transportmaschinen und Kontaktstellen zellulärer Kompartimente 
SFB 1190 | P13: Protein Transport über den mitochondrialen Carrier Transportweg 
FOR 2848: Architektur und Heterogenität der inneren mitochondrialen Membran auf der Nanoskala 
FOR 2848 | P04: Analyse der räumlichen Organisation der OXPHOS Assemblierung in Säugerzellen 
Working Group
RG Jakobs (Structure and Dynamics of Mitochondria) 
RG Rehling (Mitochondrial Protein Biogenesis) 
RG Richter-Dennerlein (Mitoribosome Assembly) 
RG Langer (Mitochondrial Proteostasis) 
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